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Lacy (Lil Princess)

Posted by Trish on December 5, 2009 at 2:01 AM Comments comments (2111)

Hey Leslie,


Funny how things happen! I was thinking about you the other day, and had planned on contacting you, then your Web sign up came through.


First I want to tell you how much we love Lacy, anything else this rotten would be in the garbage! She and KoKo are the absolute best, I need to tell you what we did for them. We went to San Antonio in March, we left them with Grandma, but missed them sooo much that we said that's it, we never leave them again.


We just returned from a six week trip down the eastern coast, how did we do that you might ask? We did what any true dog lover does, we bought a new kennel.......on six wheels! They are quite the happy RVers too I might add, KoKo has even learned to blow the air horn!


We are amazed by how many RVers, we meet at the parks, have Dachshunds! There's always someone coming around the corner saying "I thought I heard a Doxie......with their's in tow! In Charleston there was a couple with 5, all pets, no breeding stock. In March or April (whenever the snow breaks up) we're all heading out west......we'll have your former baby all over this great county!


I'll send recent pictures in the nest week or so........Hugs,  Trish