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Male vs. Female

Male vs. Female

Why males are better than females as a pet.  A lot of people think that female dogs make better pets.  They don't think females display alpha behaviors like "male humping ."  They believe that they are more docile and attentive and don't participate in dominance fighting.  Well, this is not true.  They don't call them a "Bitch" for nothing.

In the dog pack make up, females usually rule the roost.  The females are more independent, stubborn, and territorial than the males. Females are much more intent on exercising their dominance by alpha behaviors, such as "humping ."  There is a reason why they use the dog term "Bitch" in a negative way - and it refers directly to the behavior by the females in the dog world.  Most fights will usually break out between females.

The Males on the other hand are usually more affectionate and attentive.  The Males are very loyal, steadfast, reliable, and less moody. They are outgoing, more accepting of other pets, and take quicker to children.  The Males are easily motivated by food rewards and praise and they are more eager to please, thus making them easier to train. Neutered Males rarely exhibit secondary sexual behaviors such as "humping", "marking", and lifting of legs.  Once the testosterone levels recede after neutering most of these behaviors (if they did exist) will disappear.  Boys that are neutered early (by 6 months of age) usually never ever raise their leg.

So consider everything before overlooking a male..