Honeyman's Miniature Dachshunds

Dachshunds are just like potato chips...You can't have just one! Give The Gift Of Love that Gives Back For A Lifetime!

Honeymans Notorious Naughty Narah (11 lbs.)

Narah is a a Beautiful Light Shaded Cream out of our Naughty Nadia & Our McRay.  She is a very sweet little girl that just loves everyone.  Narah has alot of UK Champions in her Pedigree.
Champion's In Her Pedigree:  Bestla, Parsonage, Elks, Top Banana, Graedonm, Priorsgate, Shemby, Merri-King, Rose Farm, Devoncream, Hamjo N' Sylmar, Brandachs, Heidox, Cedarhurst, Dachendell, Wildstar, Kizzhar, Raline, St. Onge, Maunedowne, Melleda, Talberg, Mertyn, Primrose, Dacheider, Faulkdachs, Hickory Hill, Saldachs, Globus', Master Farook, Beat Jp's, Vitrue, Y Littlefield, Tanska, Nepachee.

Gaston's Little Doodle Bug Of AHMD (8 1/2 lbs.)

Doodle is a Handsome Chocolate Shaded English Cream that is a bit shy with strangers but Oh so Sweet and loving. 

Champion's In His Pedigree:   Heidox, Hanjo, Brandachs, Cedarhurst, Rose Farm, Merri-King, Dachendell, Farrier, Morgandox, Parrihund, Harmony, Stoneleigh, Mardachs, Grendox and Water World.

Would Like To Introduce Their New Baby Boy

Born June 29th, 2018

Shaded English Cream Male


"Nicky" Shaded Cream Long 

Coat Male.  Gorgeous Head on 

this Little Boy.

If interested in Adding this Little Man to You Family....

Please Contact Leslie at 937-524-1207

or email Leslie at:  leslie@honeyidodoxies.com

Also, Please do fill out our Puppy Application and Send it to me

if you would like to be considered as a Prospective Puppy Family.

It answers many questions I would have in advance and then I can 

answer your questions and concerns.