Honeyman's Miniature Dachshunds

Dachshunds are just like potato chips...You can't have just one! Give The Gift Of Love that Gives Back For A Lifetime!

New Puppies Coming!!!!



Champion Lined Litter Due

June, 2020

Honeyman's Sweet Lyra of Haylee (8 1/2 lb) 

& Brocks Minted Kentucky Quarter (7 1/2 lb)

Picture's and more Info will be available on "New Babies Have Arrived" Page

when Babies arrive!

Honeyman's Sweet "Lyra" of Haylee

Honeyman's Sweet Lyra of Haylee (8 1/2 lb.) & Brocks Minted Kentucky Quarter "Tucker" (7 1/2 lb) Expecting Solids and Piebalds in Cream, Chocolate, Blacks in smooth & long coats.  

Dame:  Honeyman's Sweet Lyra of Haylee (8 1/2 lbs)  Lyra is a beautiful Chocolate Shaded English Cream

Champion Lines in her Pedigree:  Faulkdachs, Hanjo, Hickory Hill and many nice Sniffntell Lines.  

Brocks Minted Kentucky Quarter (7 1/2 lbs.)

Sire:  Tucker is handsome Black & Tan Piebald Smooth Coat carrying for Chocolate & Cream.  

Champion Lines in his Pedigree:  Nuforest, Cindy Ke's, Ej's, Ceedox, Chris Harbor, Prelude, Wee Walker, Follows, Farrier, Morgandox, Hanjo, Hund Acres.

Champion Lined Litter Due June 2020

Honeyman's Carmella's Carbon Copy "Mella"

& Hall's Tusquittee Jackie "McRay"

Mella (8 lbs) is a Chocolate & Cream Reverse Dapple Smooth Coat carrying for cream, chocolate & red.

This litter will be all Smooth Coats in Chocolate Shaded & Based Creams, & Reds, Dapples & Piebalds.

Champion Lines:  Cedar Hills, Do-Rae, Car Rae, Willow Croft, Techelwood, Guardian, Cedarhurst, Rose farm, Foxfyre.

Hall's Tusquittee Jackie McRay

McRay (8 1/2 - 9 lb) is a Chocolate Shaded English Cream Long Coat

Champion Lines:  Faulkdachs, Hanjo, Hickory Hill, Brandachs, Saldachs, Cedarhurst, Globus, Master Farook, Devoncream, Maundown, Raline, Kizzhar, Sniffntell, Tanska, Dachendell, Nepachee, Wildstar and more.

My Partner's Champion Lined Litter Due June 2020

JWilly's Juniper

Juniper (11 lbs) is a Chocolate Based Red Piebald Long Coat (1/2 English Cream)

Champion Lines:  Cedarhurst, Merri-King, Suntura, Faulkdachs, Hanjo, Hickory Hill, Brandachs, Saldachs, Globus, Master Farook, Devoncream, Maundowne, Raline, Kizzhar, Sniffntell, Tanska, Dachendell & more.

Bred to Brock's Minted Kentucky Quarter "Tucker" Shown Above!

This litter will be all "Piebald" Med. & Smooth Coats.  Reds, Chocolates, Blacks & Creams possible.

Our Babies have been bred for conformation, health, longevity, and temperament. They are handled daily from Birth growing up well socialized and knowing they are much loved. They have been wormed regularly, have passed their last vet checks with flying colors, had their vaccinations to age, and will be doing well on potty pad training. All of our Babies are a bit spoiled and love to be held, loved on, and snuggled in our arms. They are handled daily from birth and every one of them loves giving kisses and are acclimated to toes already. When our puppies reach 3 1/2 - 4 weeks we move them and their Mother out of the whelping crate into a large puppy play pen in our living room. We spend alot of time with our Babies handling them daily from birth on. They are well associated with potty pad & paper training, acclimated well w/people, children, and other dogs & given lots of playtime, love & care.

We don't believe in weaning our Babies before 6 weeks of age or separating them from their Mother before then, so please don't ask to take your Baby home at 6 weeks of age. We feel that separating Babies from their Sibling's and Mother too early can have negative side effects on their adult personalities such as shyness & timidness.  We try to have the Babies totally weaned by 7-8 weeks of age and eating well but if we have some smaller Babies, weaning may take a bit longer. We keep our Babies until at least 8 weeks of age but Families need to realize that not all Babies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. Most are not ready until between 9 - 10 weeks, (the tiny ones possibly not until 10 - 12 weeks), it depends upon each individual Puppy as they all mature differently.

We provide AKC Registration application & Pedigree (Only if Adopted with Full AKC Show & Breeding Rights), Shot-Worming & Health Records from the vet, a full Health Guarantee, Copy of the Parent's AKC Registration's to prove AKC Linage , Baby Pic's, Puppy food, a puppy packet with a 17 pg. booklet on Dachshund and Puppies and a blanket and toys.  All of our Dachshunds have wonderful-loving personalities, with Conformation, Temperament, Longevity & Health being our #1 Priorities. Our Babies are bred for a lifetime of unconditional love & affection, home raised & pre-spoiled. All of our Adults & Babies share our home, as well as our hearts. Our new Parents are assured that they have a lifetime of support from us with open communication lines for the lifetime of their new baby.

(ATTENTION): I do NOT ship my Puppies as I feel this is not in the best interest of my Babies. There are 4 ways for us to accommodate you in getting on of our Puppies:

1. We will continue to welcome our new prospective families into our home for puppy play visits and to pick up their new Puppies as we have always done.

 2. I will continue to be happy to drive and meet my new Parent?s halfway for a reasonable delivery fee. I have driven up to 8 hours 1 way to meet new Parents.

3. You may fly in to meet me at the Airport to pick up your Puppy and then fly it back home on the flight with you as your carry-on. I will gladly meet you at Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus Airports with your new Baby.

4. You are more than welcome to purchase a round trip Airline Flight for me, forward me the 125.00 charge the Airlines charge me to bring the puppy on as my carry-on, and I will personally deliver your new Baby to you at the Airport of your choice.

Now taking names & info for our waiting list on these upcoming litters... If interested in any of these future Babies Please email leslie@honeyidodoxies.com or call 937-524-1207 

  Prices Listed Will Be on Spay & Neuter Contract, for Companion/Pet. 

There is an additional charge for

Show & Breeding Rights with AKC Registration which is given to a very limited few.

Also, if interested in a puppy from us, please fill out our puppy application and send it to me as this will answer many questions I would have for you as new prospective Parents in advance.  Also read through our Sales Agreement as this goes with every puppy we home.